Monday, September 28, 2015

iTunes playlists not playing continuously

Also, this:

I had a problem with having iTunes 12 play files continuously. I tried hitting play on the first one and it would play it and stop when it hit the end of the file.

Then I tried with a playlist. Same thing.

After much fruitless Internet searching. I started looking at the options for each file in the iTunes window (a lot of right clicking was involved). Finally I clicked the "Check Selection" on the context menu for all the files in my playlist and Bingo!

Essentially, you can select a bunch of files, right click on one of them, and then create a playlist on the fly with your selection. But once you create a playlist with non-music files, playback stops after each file - unless - you specifically tell it that you want them all to play. I wanna know: who at Apple decided that.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Win10 Mail crashing constantly

Short story: the Windows 10 Mail app kept crashing. After searching and (finding worthless suggestions and) crashing and searching and (finding crap PowerShell commands and) crashing - I finally found this page:

...and it looks like it worked.

For now. 

The Wisdom of Amber Benson

"You never really finish what you start in this world. Life's like some big ass jigsaw puzzle that you don't have the box to, so that every piece you add changes the context of the picture 'til you forget that you were ever looking for a particular thing in the first place." - Chance (Amber Benson), "Chance" (2002 - winner Audience Choice Award, Birmingham Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival (

Amber Benson's "Chance" (on YouTube)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Of Mice and Windows

Apparently it's official. Everyone knows how to use a computer mouse (actually it really sound anachronistic to say "computer mouse". It's so '80s. Today it sounds like saying "shoe shoelace" or something). If this article from Technorena is true and Microsoft really did include Solitaire and Minesweeper for free to make provide a way for people to learn how to use a mouse in order to facilitate the use of (and thereby increase the adoption and sale of) Windows, then we must all have learned... because in Win10, Solitaire is ad driven now. Pay to play! - play ad free, anyway.

So, meh. The only really annoying part is that the MS Solitaire Collection window doesn't show up separately in the Volume Mixer, so you can turn down the volume on the ads. So when you're listening to music or anything else on your computer, you get a cheesy Twix ad talking over the top of what you want to listen to. That puts Twix and Microsoft's ad delivery right at the same level of annoying "You Have Won!" web pop-ups - the kind that caused the pop-up blocker to be invented. But I still play - for now anyway - with the ads - because I'm too cheap to go ad free (I know, it's my own fault I'm seeing and hearing the ads - but anyway...).And I have to say that Twix is at the bottom of my list of candy to buy again ever (the adverts are really that cheesy) right below Twizzlers (cf. Season 2 of "Warehouse 13") and candy corn (because it's candy corn).