Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"The Other Lost Podcast"

Wednesday's somewhat nifty something:
"Nation, if you watch this show, you know I don't like to toot my own horn... I'm not that flexible." - Steven Colbert, during the lead-in for his 1,000th episode.
Do you remember-, or are you a fan of the ABC's ex-show "Lost"? You know - J.J. Abrams, a plane crash, invisible dinosaurs... Kate. Ring any bells? Well, there's yet another introcast - and this time its personal it's about Lost.

"What's an 'introcast'?" you may ask. You may well ask.

Go ahead...

I'm glad you asked. An "introcast" is a type of "podcast" where the "podcasters" are comprised of a number of "veterans" and a number of "noobs" - people who have seen the show (usually in its entirety) and people who haven't. The Haves and Have-nots of the television experience, as it were. They get together on a regular basis and talk about each episode in broadcast order. And by "talk", I mean "discuss in detail the story, the character development, episode trivia... and so on".

In the case of "Lost", this is not "Survivor: American Samoa". "Lost" is an ambitious, complex - at times a bit arcane - show that challenges its viewers as it journeys into the depths of the human soul... and into the eye of the island.

"The Other Lost Podcast" follows along as the story unfolds and the mysteries deepen. The cast is comprised of Amberlee, Kelsey, Erin, and Scott, with the occasional guest host - and constant virtual guests via email. If you like insightful, witty, sometimes slightly humorous chit-chat about The Hero's Journey, the metaphysics of The Island, the division between Light and Darkness, mysterious radio transmissions (and the headaches they can cause), 'torture' as a literary device - not to mention the aforementioned invisible dinosaurs, plane crash, et cetera., tune in!

"The Other Lost Podcast". It's a podcast. It's a blog. It's a Facebook group. It's an email account.

And, yes, there is a reading list.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Vaginal Fantasy": The bookclub

Cool thing for today:

Felicia Day, with Kiala Kazebee, Veronica Belmont, and Bonnie Burton, started a GoodReads Hangout with a monthly G+ live hangout. It's called "Vaginal Fantasy", basically it's four person bookclub covering genre romance-y books. Minor minus for me is that I don't know any of the authors that they talk about except for Laurell K. Hamilton - I started the Anita Blake books once upon a time. But - that month's book isn't the only thing that they talk about (not nearly).

What led me to this was that Felicia Day posted it to YouTube. What hooked me was the nearly rolling on the floor laughing at the conversation - that and the geeky, geeky references (Skyrim, Mass Effect, Star Wars, True Blood, Dresden Files, etc, etc, etc). If you want to listen in on a smart and funny conversation about genre fiction, you should really check it out.

Here's the first one:

Friday, February 17, 2012

I hadn't realized it had been a solid moth (sorry, moths in the brain after last week's ep of The Other Lost Podcast) month since the last post. I'd been intending to post on something stupid that was posted to FB... and putting if off... more than anything else because it involved finding sources to cite - you know, work. And then something else stupid was posted and... long story less long: I've been avoiding the keyboard.

And now I'm downloading the ME3 demo.

Things aren't looking good for content for this here blogspot blog.