Monday, January 16, 2012

The Weakly News with Iliza Shlesinger

Don't quite know how to describe this. News? Comedy? It's not exactly "The Daily Show". What it is... is Iliza Shlesinger (comedienne who has been touched by Justin Bieber) with Alexis Archer (actress) and their producer Brian Gramo (guy) doing odd things on camera. It's loosely bound to a fake news show format but with "Wolf Corner" where everyone has to do something as if they were a wolf, Alexis' "Nerd News" and "Acting Corner", and the odd guest appearance of Blanche (cute dog who has been touched by Justin Bieber). Each episode is live with a chat room - kinda like... never mind. Do yourself a favor and watch Monday nights at 7 Pacific. Older eps are on YouTube and new ones are on Watch them deliver "the hard hitting facts that will hold you after and tell you you're pretty and won't find anyone better".

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Dateline!! Episode #301

 Dateline!! Here's the last 2011 episode:

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