Monday, March 18, 2013

Brie Larson. Um... I'm impressed.

A while back, I'd posted some links that had to do with the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack. One of which was Brie Larson fronting Metric singing "Black Sheep" as her character (Natalie) Envy Adams. The song was good, so you'd think that I'd go online and see what else she'd done - if she'd sung in any other movies, or if she'd done any strictly music projects etc... but I didn't. Don't know why. Maybe it was the fact that most of the principle cast also sang or played whatever their characters sang or played (if you turn on the trivia track during the movie you'll see all the "Performed by"s, for instance:


(Yes, that was a parenthetical jpg.)

So, the fact that Larson was able to front for Metric - not that unusual in this movie. I guess it didn't stand out that much. That, and the fact that she wasn't in any fight scenes... ya know. :)

Soooo. Anyways... Earlier I was on YouTube (like you do) and I saw a Craig Ferguson clip - one where he cracks himself up, which is always hilarious, so I watched it. Then there was another one - like Pringles, you can't just have one - about some strange woman randomly standing up in the audience. Then. I spotted one with Brie Larson.

(There are three that I know of:  2010/10/26,  2011/03/16, 2011/09/09, in case you're interested.)

But then, I saw this: 

It's... actually I'm at a loss, because I'm finding it difficult to heap superlatives without sounding either FanBoy or patronizing. For instance if I were to say something like, "I'm impressed with how intelligent..." And, "What does that mean?" you might say. "Shouldn't she be because why? she's an actress, or she's twenty-something, or she's attractive, or blonde?" So yeah. Let me suffice by saying that she'd be someone I'd really be interested in watching "Blade Runner" with and then to get her opinions on story and character, cinematography and lighting, and/or the comparison between the film noir style and period film noir - and even how the original Phillip K. Dick story differed from the screenplay. 

(Before you get your hopes up, "Blade Runner" fans (I know somebody is), I don't know that she likes either "The Big Sleep" or post-apocalyptic speculative fiction.)

Or if that's too long-winded, then let me say that there are few people that I'm impressed with but I think that she might be one.

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