Friday, October 30, 2015

More "On Daria"

Two things:

1. Cross-genres:

"We'll be through the criminal justice system and home in time for Buffy." - Quinn Morgendorffer "Speedtrapped"

2. The unspoken:

JAKE [VO]: Maybe I need to stop blaming dad for my problems and concentrate on being the best father I can. Really reach out to my little girl who always looks so lonely and tell her, "I'm here for you. I always will be."

JAKE: You know the peanut really is a second class nut. Now cashews - those are what the big guys eat. The CEOs.

DARIA [VO]: I don't care if he's afraid of heights, but he's afraid to be afraid. That's what's so heartbreaking. He's my father; shouldn't I let down the barricades for once and tell him I think he's my hero?

DARIA: How did a solid gold fish get in here? Weird.

"Of Human Bonding" S04E07.


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