Monday, October 5, 2015

Using my Kindle Fire as a drawing tablet

I was wondering how to freehand some drawings and have them end up on my computer without having to sketch and scan. So far what I've come up with is using my Kindle Fire HD 7 with a couple of apps to first draw and then directly transfer the file from one to the other over the wireless connection.

Those two apps are Inkboard by, Inc. for drawing, and ES File Explorer by ES Mobile for the file transfers. Inkboard is a straight forward drawing program that lets you start with either a Blank Canvas, to Select a Photo, or to take an image from the Camera, and a variety of crayons, markers, pencils, pens, and highliters to sketch with and to mark up existing images. However, its very basic - no changing sizes of nib, only a limited zoom. It's a tool for just the basics after all - there are more sophisticated tools - but, hey, this is just proof of concept.

ES File Explorer will let you not only browse the files on the Kindle, but it also lets you connect to Web, and it comes with a list of Favorites to file locations on the Kindle (handy). 

And it also lets you connect with network locations and it provides a simple FTP host that you can connect to from a web browser from your computer. Once you select Remote Manager from the menu and click the Turn On button, you can browse to the ftp site listed on ES'es screen.

Remote Manager

After the Remote Manager is turned on

From there, it's just a couple of clicks to Inkboard's folder...

The root directory of the Kindle.

The Pictures directory with the Inkboard and Screenshots folders visible.

... and a quick right-click and Save As... to get it to my computer.

Here's a quick fingertip drawing:
If I come up with anything better, I'll post it.

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